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UBound wins 2nd place at Startup Weekend EDU

#FirstRunnerUp tonight, @uBoundCo making it easy to to college! — SWEDU Oakland (@SWEDUOak) September 15, 2014 Great news: my idea, UBound, won second place at Startup Weekend EDU! We also took first place of the votes of other participants. … Continue reading

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The Path of Khan

Last night I went to the Castro Theatre to see a Q & A with Sal Khan of the Khan Academy. I’d never been to that theater before, so the venue alone was kind of a treat. It’s a huge, … Continue reading

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What I want from a language-learning tool

Last night I went to an Edtech Network event here in San Francisco. I got to learn a lot about cool things happening in the Bay Area (such as TechShop and a new after-school STEAM program for the 8-14 age range). I … Continue reading

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Tuesday tip: Google add-ons

Earlier this year, Google unveiled add-ons. Previously, developers could use Google Apps Script (GAS) to create custom functions or tools, then publish them to script gallery. Other users could then read a short description if the script and install it … Continue reading

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Who will test the testers?

Great follow-up to yesterday’s post. Dylan of the Learning Equality Foundation confirmed that they’re planning on doing randomized control trials (RCTs) on the KA Lite program. @finnismundi great question! Yes, partnered with UCSD Econ and great group in India to … Continue reading

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Somebody’s making the web go world-wide

This week I learned (via Tony Wan at Edsurge) that Khan Academy lessons are now being offered offline. The program is called “KA Lite” and is run by the Foundation for Learning Equality. The idea is that users, or teachers, … Continue reading

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Chegg ditches books (or at least, sending them)

This is old news (well, from last week), but I didn’t see it while I was in San Francisco for interviews. Chegg, the company that made its name buying and selling textbooks, is offloading the actual warehousing and shipping of … Continue reading

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