More playing to fight conflict

Thanks again to Asi Burak, co-creator of the PeaceMaker Game and director of Games for Change, who responded to my recent post on in-person and gamified conflict resolution. @finnismundi @SeedsofPeace @GamesforPeace cool but why “unproven”? there is some great literature around it. — Asi Burak (@aburak) September 3, 2014 Asi shared with me research that has been done using… Continue reading More playing to fight conflict

Playing together to fight conflict

Last week’s Sunday New York Times has a piece on whether Palestinian and Israeli teenagers’ views of each other improve when they have positive experiences together (“Peace Through Friendship” by Juliana Schroeder and Jane Risen). It’s an intriguing hypothesis, but does it work in reality? For four years, we studied Seeds of Peace, a program that every year brings together several… Continue reading Playing together to fight conflict

Sharing limited data without sharing the whole spreadsheet

Recently a friend asked me how he could share some data that he was working on with colleagues. The problem is that he can’t share the entire spreadsheet. My suggestion is to use Google Spreadsheets and the ImportRange function to share limited ranges with another spreadsheet. What’s great about this method is that you can… Continue reading Sharing limited data without sharing the whole spreadsheet

F-1 Work Authorization Calculator

If you work in international education, or if you’re an F-1 student yourself, you’ve probably heard about Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT is up to a year of work authorization for F-1 students who have completed at least one year at the college level in the United States. I’ve noticed in the past that figuring… Continue reading F-1 Work Authorization Calculator