Welcome from the end of the earth

Welcome to finnismundi.  I’m Finn, and I’ll be using this blog to share tools for nonprofits and my thoughts on trends in topics that interest me.

The title for this site is a play on my name, Finn, but it also reflects my interests and professional philosophy.  Finis is Latin for “boundary,” and mundi is “of the earth.”  So finnismundi can be taken either as Finn of the world or the end of the world, as in “searching until the edge of the world for solutions.”

Corny? Probably. Bad Latin? Definitely.  Don’t worry. This will be the last of my forays into  ancient languages. The goal of finnismundi is to share things that I’ve developed myself or come across that I think will help nonprofit managers get things done faster, more easily, and with better service for clients.

Over the years, I’ve found that nonprofit staff tend to get isolated into groups.  As workloads increase, or scopes expand, complexity increases, so that the appropriate number of clients that each staff member can handle decreases.  Staff struggle to do their jobs faster every year, and client service can suffer.  With ever heavier workloads, it can be tough to find time to search for more efficient solutions, or to check if outputs are actually achieving the desired goals.

At finnismundi, I’ll present tools and observations that I hope can get nonprofits out of this loop, so that they can refocus on delivering effective services.  Up at the top, you’ll notice that I have a link to tools specifically designed for international education.  I’ll be adding to it regularly and posting videos to show how to use them.

If you have any suggestions or would like me to answer a particular question, use the contact form to send me a message. Thanks for stopping by.



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