First add-on published

My first Google sheets add-on is published! To be totally honest, I made it mainly to see what was involved. I really like the work that Andrew Stillman has been doing with New Visions for Public Schools, including Doctopus and formMule, and I wanted to see if I could do similar things for higher ed or international ed.

My add-on is called Text Adder, and it pretty much just does what the name indicates. Once it’s installed, the user can select a range of cells, and Text Adder will add a chosen text to the beginning or end of every cell in the range.

Text Adder
Text Adder in the add-on store

Why did I choose this for my first foray into the add-on store? I got the idea by answering this question on Quora. The question (“I need to add a word before every already existing word in a Google Sheet or Doc. How can I do it?”) seemed pretty silly, but a friend told me that it was a real issue the comes up, so I decided to give it a crack. After I’d answered it with Google Apps Script, it was just a matter of adding some HTML and CSS to turn it into an add-on.

My next add-ons will probably focus on languages or finance, since those are two spreadsheet topics that I’m interested in. I’d love to hear feedback on Text Adder or suggestions for other projects.

Privacy policy: This add-on does not have access to any Google products other than Sheets. It does not have any contact with users’ Gmail or Calendar, for example. As the developer of this add-on, I do not have access to your Sheets, Drive, or any data that you have store in Google products.