New Favorite App: HelloTalk

hellotalkI don’t know why I wasn’t using this app before – it’s awesome! I heard about it through a friend who is developing his own language-learning app. Here it is on the Play store¬†and iTunes.

If you’ve read this blogbefore, you know that language learning is one of my big interests. I’m working on learning Persian, but I don’t find a lot of useful resources.

The cool thing about HelloTalk is that actually works: every time I log on, there are Iranians and Afghans who want to chat. It’s been a great tool for practicing those basic sentences that come up a lot in conversations: Where do you live, Why are you studying Persian, etc.

I normally just chat about what I’m doing or the weather, and sometimes I’ll send my chat partners photos of interesting things I see in the Bay Area. There’s also the possibility to have asynchronous audio conversations, but I find that a little awkward.

If you’re a native English speaker, you’ll probably never have any trouble finding chat partners. I even have people contact me who speak other languages that I’m not learning.

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