Where MOOCs are now

Earlier this week, the New York Times published an interesting piece by Jeffrey Selingo on the current state of MOOCs (“Demystifying the MOOC“). It’s an easy read, and it hits on something that I’ve been thinking myself and hearing from people working in a variety of MOOC organizations around the Bay Area. When MOOCs (massive… Continue reading Where MOOCs are now

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Clever Responds on Student Privacy

In a sign of how prominent concerns about student privacy have become, the New York Times Opinion section this week featured a collection of viewpoints on the topic from people working in the field (“Protecting Student Privacy in Online Learning“). The most interesting (I think) perspective is from Tyler Bosmeny, co-founder of Clever. I like Clever. They… Continue reading Clever Responds on Student Privacy

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Good translations (Wiktionary) and Bad (Google Translate)

Quick note on further encounters with machine translations of non-European languages. I discovered yesterday that the Wiktionary Android app can search for Persian words typed in Latin letters. Obviously, it’s also possible to switch to a Persian keyboard, but it’s easier to quickly type in a word that I’ve heard in my regular alphabet. There’s… Continue reading Good translations (Wiktionary) and Bad (Google Translate)

Tuition freezes in New Jersey

What’s the best way to reduce college costs? Joseph Cryan, who represents New Jersey’s 20th legislative district in the State Assembly, has proposed a bill to freeze tuition and fees for all state residents for nine semesters after their first enrollment. I found out about the bill, A2807, through Inside Higher Ed and was a little surprised… Continue reading Tuition freezes in New Jersey

Startup Weekend: A How-To Guide

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a great experience at Startup Weekend EDU in Oakland. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on how to make the most of SWEDU and what I admired about the winners, mySidekick. Pitch your idea. Yes, you. Startup Weekend always begins

UBound wins 2nd place at Startup Weekend EDU

#FirstRunnerUp tonight, @uBoundCo making it easy to to college! pic.twitter.com/CkCJHpDbD2 — SWEDU Oakland (@SWEDUOak) September 15, 2014 Great news: my idea, UBound, won second place at Startup Weekend EDU! We also took first place of the votes of other participants. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour business plan competition. Participants show up on a Friday, give… Continue reading UBound wins 2nd place at Startup Weekend EDU

More playing to fight conflict

Thanks again to Asi Burak, co-creator of the PeaceMaker Game and director of Games for Change, who responded to my recent post on in-person and gamified conflict resolution. @finnismundi @SeedsofPeace @GamesforPeace cool but why “unproven”? there is some great literature around it. — Asi Burak (@aburak) September 3, 2014 Asi shared with me research that has been done using… Continue reading More playing to fight conflict

Why such bad translations?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve recently restarted studying Persian, a language that I wanted to learn years ago but have let slide. There aren’t a lot of online resources for learning Persian, so I often find that I’m working with examples that are either introductory or a little above my (very basic) level.